Planned Litters

We are constantly researching world wide for the best combinations to preserve the true working Rottweiler genetics.

Here you will find information on the confirmed plans for our forthcoming litters.


We have 2 litters we are working on for 2016, once we confirm the details, we will make our next exciting chapter available for everyone to see.


UPDATE 2016 Litter #1

Seeuferhause Ninja(Layla) has been bred Seeuferhause Zues and is expecting a litter in the next few days.


Layla is a fantastic mother and makes life easy for us, except that she doesn’t show that she is pregnant until right before she is ready to drop the litter. Fingers crossed for the next few days.


We are expecting a solid, confident litter that will make fantastic family companions that will be socially confident and protective of their family. They will be athletic and intelligent and we are expecting this litter to be a highlight for their future families.


So anticipated is this litter that the first 3 are already SOLD!


2016 Litter #3

This will be an interesting litter which will combine first time mother BohemiaHause Abbey and Seeuferhause Zues.

Both are large strong, alert and great companions with abounding intelligence.

If all goes to plan, the litter will be on the ground around August.