Seeuferhause Ninja

Seeuferhause Ninja ( who goes by the name Layla) is the matriarch of our kennels. We searched far and wide before setting on a Seeuferhause bitch. And she does not disappoint.

She comes from one of the best lineage developments at Seeuferhause, bred from progeny from both Clyde vom Tenneneck (Imp) and Doc (Seigertal Uri), two of out favourite rottweilers in Australia. Not only that, but her father, Seeuferhause Varus was a Northern Territory Police Canine with one of the highest arrest records as well as a NT Corrections dog. And boy does she have drive to go all day every day.

Yet she is stable and loves to give affection to everyone she meets.

There are going to be so super litters from Layla in the coming years with our planned breedings.