Our first breeding dam is Seeuferhause Ninja, AKA Layla. A drivey bitch with great clarity in her work and ability to keep going when other dogs have decided to take a break.




Our second breeding bitch who will start her careers is Bohemia House Abbey

She is a lovely polite girl, with a loud voice that lets everyone know that she is babysitting kids and that they are under her protection.

She is out of Seeuferhause Ninja and Rotvel Aussie Mamba.

An interesting and fantastic pedigree combining Australia’s premier Rottweiler Kennels

Her page will be up soon.

She has enjoyed several diverse homes during her rearing that has brought out the maternal instincts and socialisation we like our dogs to have. Looking forward to her first litter

Bohemiahause Abbey

Bohemia Hause Abbey enjoying the beach as a 6 month old pup










And now, a first for Bohemia Hause Rottweilers, in conjunction with Seeuferhause Rottweilers and Sanehaus Rottweilers we will be introducing Bluelady vom Checkpoint Charlie, aka Chilli. She is due to arrive in Australia mid 2016 and comes with ADRK ZTP, BH and IPO1.

She has been bred and trained on our collective behalf in Germany courtesy of her breeder. Photo’s coming soon, we have some great breeding’s coming up over the next several years that will put an extreme jump in the rottweiler quality that is present in Australia

2 comments on “Females

  1. Hi John
    Friends of ours purchased their bitch Letty from you (Janice & Chris) we would also like to have a rottweiler in our family, are you able to assist us?

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