Tour de Rottweiler part IV

Today we travelled to Duisberg to meet an ARDK judge and the owner of the father of Jatti, Anu’s young dog.

The man we met here is Paul Dieter Viehoff who introduced us to Elch von Helterforst. Elch was sturdy, solid and had a nice layer to keep him warm for the winter, kinda like me. He was social and came and checked us out as soon as we arrived. I made the mistake of rubbing his ear, because after that he wouldn’t leave me alone and just kept leaning on me and herding me to keep going. I felt like a bit of a dodgy masseuse doing that to a strangers dog. Paul was quite happy for us to socialise with Elch and take some photo’s.

Laurie ended up buying Pauls eye colour chart that he uses for judging conformations. It was a tough negotiation, but Laurie wasn’t leaving without it, he’s a business man and he had strategies.

We chatted about breeding and what the ADRK wants to achieve with overcoming the bad reputation of rottweilers for a little while before we left for another couple if hours driving to see another dog that was for sale that a friend wanted us to check for him.

That dog is Tex vom Avalon, owned by George Brune in Damme. He was very similar to Elch, and went absolutely crazy from his kennel when he saw us talking and holding a tennis ball. He sounding like he was going to die if he didn’t get the ball asap, so George brought him out and showed us the performance of Tex in his obedience and drive and power. Definitely a great dog to own and breed with, but when you convert from €’s to $’s plus the freight charges it would be close to $12,000 to bring him to Australia. But we tested him and had some fun with another nice working rottweiler.

After this it was time to knuckle down and start a long drive that would see us going from central Germany through the Czech Republic, Slovakia and eventually to Austria.

This drive saw us experience first snow for the season as well as some young doe’s off a dirt road somewhere in the Czech Republik. I tried to take a few snaps, but all I got was a dark screen. They looked cute though… and slightly delicious, perhaps a weiner schnitzel in the near future.

The Czech Republik was somewhat what I recalled from growing uo there, things were better, but the EU was not making life easy for the small republic. Lucky for them they have not adopted the Euro, for if they had I don’t think they could afford much, even us rich tourists struggled.

It was good to see that OH&S standards were being met on the freeways in the Czech Republik as the two guys running onto the road to fill pot holes were wearing reflective vests.

A nice drive through Bratislava and we were soon in Austria. So excited we were to get there that all we managed was a wet wipes bath.

For those that know, Austria has a special kennel that for many seems like a place shrouded in Military secrecy.